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Photography and design have been great passions of mine since I was very young. In middle school, when most people my age were using disposable cameras or auto-loading point-and-shoot film cameras, I was learning how to use 35mm and medium format full manual photo systems, thanks to my parents' collection of old film cameras.

I'm extremely fortunate to have been surrounded by wonderfully creative people who helped nurture and mentor my abilities to make me the artist I am today.  In addition to being a photographer, I work as an architectural and graphic designer at Peter Gisolfi Associates, an architecture firm in Westchester County, NY.  I have worked on the design of, and photographed, several award-winning buildings there.

my work


My first love in photography was - and still is - nature.  It's a love I got from my father, as I used to review and absorb his collection of slides.  When I was finally able enough to use his cameras, I would spend a great deal of time on family trips wanting to capture unique views of extraordinary places and things, be it a sweeping, dramatic landscape or the minute details of a beautiful flower on a city street.


My experiences in architecture have given me an appreciation for photographing interactions between nature and man.  so how we impact our landscape means a lot to me.  Some of my architectural work is celebratory, and some of it is critical.  I'll leave it to you to decide which is which.

people / street

I became interested in photographing people during college, while taking a course taught by Costa Sakellariou, a renowned photojournalist.  Among my closest friends is AP photographer John Minchillo.  From them, I developed a love for taking all kinds of portraits, be they candid street photos or posed acting headshots.  What's great about people is that they all have a story.  Depending on the situation, you will or won't know those stories.


Today, I shoot primarily in digital, but I still endeavor for much of my photography to evoke the feeling of film.  From time to time, I will shoot a roll of film as part of my process.  Digital makes it easy to have a "spray-and-pray" mentality in photography, and I feel, regardless of format, that it is important to always be patient and discerning in finding the best moments to capture.

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