Robert Mintzes Photography + Design


Morning Fog

I love photographing fog...especially morning fog. It has a powerful effect on me that varies depending on the time of year and conditions. Last night was a very foggy night, given the snow that had fallen a few days before and the (relatively) mild temperature, and I had a feeling that this morning would be a foggy one too. I woke up to great satisfaction, and found myself moving faster than usual to get out the door to photograph the Bayside Marina and its wooden pier, enshrouded in fog.

Today, the place felt nearly haunted, as if it had been left to the ages to decay (despite being a somewhat active place in the Spring and Summer months), without a soul to see it and enjoy it.  Despite the wind and the rain, the water was eerily calm.  I wish I could say the same for the large white goose that came ashore and stood right next to me making noise...